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15 Emotional LGBTQ Wedding Photos That Will Melt Your Heart

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In recent years, same-sex marriage has become more and more accepted around the world. It is now legal in 22 countries. A small victory, but a victory nonetheless. I hope these images can be used to show people how happy the right to marry the person they love makes people

As you probably know June is Pride Month. A month to celebrate the LGBTQ community and take a stance against discrimination, a month to celebrate sexual diversity. And while there’s probably going to be LGBTQ+ parades and marches in most countries we thought we would commemorate this month by sharing the most beautiful and emotional LGBTQ wedding pictures.


Same sex marriages have become more accepted around the world in the last couple of years. As of now, they’re legal in 22 countries. It’s a small victory, but a victory nonetheless. We hope that with these pictures we’ll be able to show you how happy a right to marry the person you love can make people and, hopefully, inspire you to become an ally and help the LGBTQ community on their way to having equal rights all around the globe.



1. What a happy, gentle moment this is.



2. Have you ever been so happy you were crying from joy? Well this man has been, because he married the person he loves.



3.These two ladies are rocking that aisle walk. Look how happy and joyous they look.

4. And these old ladies have waited a very long time to finally get married and they got their wish. You’re never too old to marry the love of your life.



5. Here’s a similar story of two men. Look how elated they look. Those smiles could brighten up the darkest of days.

6. A moment of quiet happiness and appreciation. Everyone celebrates in their own way.



7. How awesome is this wedding photo? Everyone involved seems to be incredibly happy to be in this moment.



8. Doesn’t it look like they’re having the time of their life? It’s cause they are!

9. How precious is this photo. There’s so much love and caring in it.



10. What a happy day for this couple. You can see joy radiating from their faces.

11. These ladies seem lost in their own little world. They look so carefree and gleeful.



12. Such a tender moment, you can’t help but smile. What a sweet wedding photo.



13. These ladies are so delighted they can barely contain their excitement. Looks like they’re ready to jump with joy.

14. It’s always so heartwarming to see older couples getting married. You know that they’ve been waiting for this for a while.



15. These guys know how to celebrate their wedding with style. What a jolly and cheerful photo.