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30 ideas for an evening makeup

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Because make-up for an evening is just as important as knowing how to dress, fashionlib.net gives you a lot of ideas, to copy and to copy. From blood-red lips to iridescent eyelids, through a perfect complexion, here are 30 dazzling evening makeups.

A mouth enhanced with a beautiful lipstick sour cherry or fuschia, a smoky look of black kohl, cheeks tinged with dew, a transparent complexion ... what will be your beauty asset for your evening makeup? More pronounced than your day make up, it captures attention, completes an evening hairstyle and accessorises an evening gown. Elegance is preferred to extravagance, but darker, more vibrant colors are used, and the materials are more lacquered and brighter.

A perfect complexion

For a successful evening makeup, one focuses on a zone of the face to sublimate, chosen according to the pretext of the evening. In all cases, the complexion is treated. It must be perfect, bright, with precise areas of shine. To make in the simplicity, one blushe lightly the cheeks with an apricot or rosy makeup, one sheath mascara eyelashes and one emphasizes the mouth of a lacquered gloss. A glowing complexion is a sufficient and bluffing evening makeup!

A seductive look

For a glance of ember, one smokes, one makeup, one overflows of the eyelids for smoky-eyes bewitching. Black deep for a rock look, emerald green for a romantic look, spangled for a great occasion ... The eye of doe also remains a great classic of the evening makeup, black, colorful, brilliant ... provided that it is mastered to perfection ! Eye shadows take on the iridescent color of mother-of-pearl for a bright, sober look, full of elegance.

A mouth of velvet

To put it all on his smile, you choose a stick of lipstick matt, from fuschia pink to cherry red, that we wear velvet mouth or lacquered with gloss glossy for a glossy and gourmand effect. Stunning lips, piercing or dyed porcelain, it's up to you to choose your ideal evening makeup. To inspire you, here are thirty ideas of evening makeup spotted on the parades.