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5 questions to the expert: what make-up for my age?

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Over the years, we finally found his style and, at the same time, we always make the same line of eyeliner. Except that we are 25 years old, that the skin has changed and the mouth is less pulpy. In short, it's time to review his "beauty routine&

I did not sleep the night, how to catch up?

Certainly, the temptation is to hide everything under a layer of foundation. But to illuminate the skin, nothing better than to play on its transparency. " Instead of overburdening material and pigments, we opt for a primer that will illuminate for the first time, " confirms Tom Sapin, senior artist for MAC Cosmetics (MAC Cosmetics Prep Prime Illuminator Complex SPF35; Smashbox Light Dye). With the skin already corrected, it will be simpler to keep the hand light with the camouflage products. Moreover, a foundation that is supple to the touch and light in coverage is preferred. Or better, a BB cream, ideal to awaken tired skins without mask effect (Sheer-Expert Fluid Foundation by Terry; BB Skin Perfecting Cream by Clarins). Apply by touch, just on the nose, cheekbones and chin: this is where the small defects concentrate and it is easier to catch the light.

Too much the graphic liner spent the forties?

Uh, especially very risky! " From a certain age, the eyelid is not as smooth or firm," says Julie Dupy, makeup artist for Make Up For Ever. As a result, the pencil line appears a little curled and less clear. Instead, use a powder eyeshadow, to place as close to the lashes with a small brush and dimmed outward. One way to define the glance without risk of skidding (Gray Mouse Eye Shadow of Make Up For Ever; Sisley Black Diamond Phyto-Shadow).

Can you create a lifting effect with makeup?

Yes, but not kamikaze way. Instead of trying to redraw the contours and erase his double chin nascent with a lot of sun powder on the maxilla (very snack!), We put everything on ... the eyebrows! Simpler, faster, and ultra natural. " Brush them down, pencil their upper line in small hatching, then brush upwards: the result is impressive, since, by optical effect, we obtain, in three gestures only, a minilift of the eyelids , as if we had raised the features of a notch, "notes Patrick Lorentz, senior make-up artist at Estée Lauder. And to refresh the look even more, add a few layers of mascara only on the upper lashes. " It is not necessary to make up the lower ones, at the risk of causing the eyelid to fall ," adds the pro (Lancôme's Eyebrow Pencil, Estee Lauder's Mascara Sumptuous Extreme).

The iridescent blush after 50 years, can I still?

At 20, they are flattering. At the age of 35, still passes but when the fine lines are installed and the skin of the eyelids is no longer so tense, better to stop net. By capturing light, glitter and other shiny particles nest in the folds and accentuate everything that we would not like to see. " But be careful not to fall into the opposite extreme," said Jabe, a make-up artist. The matt textures are not necessarily better because they tend to flatten the look, to erase the reliefs . We therefore prefer satin-colored blushes, without visible mother-of-pearl. After the age of fifty, we draw in colors that contain a point of white: in black, we prefer gray, navy, light blue, brown, beige, etc. These less intense halftones illuminate the skin and give peps to the face (Shiseido Shimmering Shadow Trio, Sfumato's Natural Eye Shadow).

I do what to plumper my mouth too thin?

Its volume is first worked with an illuminator. " Placed around the lips, just above the mucosa, to find a fleshy side and to attenuate the shadows that make the commissures fall ," says Stéphane Zielkowski, national make-up artist for Yves Saint Laurent (Touche Éclat d 'Yves Saint Laurent, Giorgio Armani Fluid Embelliser). On the make-up side, we reverse the pencil-red-gloss ritual by first applying the gloss to the center to plump, then the lipstick and finish with the pencil. The line will thus be less marked and will not harden the contours. On the texture side, we leave the mats too sinister for satin brighter.