8 brands of cosmetics to prick Koreans

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In terms of beauty, the Koreans have the wind in their sails! Beauty tips but also cosmetics, they prick their best secrets for a canon skin and full of health.

The pioneer: Erborian

A French-Korean brand, Erborian has since 2007 combined the effectiveness of Korean beauty secrets and French know-how. She was one of the first to market BB Creams in France, one of the best secrets of beauty of the Koreans! Ginseng, bamboo, activated charcoal, cherry blossom, matcha ... The brand mixes natural ingredients for ever more beautiful skin promises!

Our products darling:

  • Black Scrub Exfoliating Facial Mask. Erborian. 9,90 € the 15 ml.
  • The highlighter Glow Cream. Erborian. 16 € the 15 ml.

The most 'nature': SkinFood

Masks with coconut, watermelon, rice, sugar or honey balm, masks in blueberry, beet, lemon tissue ... SkinFood finds its recipes of beauty by taking inspiration from the food. Shoot the best of what we eat to make care adapted to the needs of our skin? We had to think about it. Today, more and more brands have also crossed the threshold and offer beauty treatments inspired by the fabulous properties of our foods such as honey, coal, tea matcha etc.

Our products darling:

  • The face Mask with rice. Skinnfood. 14,50 € the 100g exclusively at Sephora.
  • Black Sugar Cleansing Balm. 21,90 € per 100 ml exclusively at Sephora.

The most kawaii: TonyMoly

The big plus of TonyMoly? Its ultra crisp packagings! Because Korea, besides being hyper trend, is also the homeland of kawaii - or the art of making everything cute. It is this particularity that inspired the name of the brand mixing English "tony", meaning "stylish", and the Japanese "moly", to "pack". Glosses sheltered in cherries, mouths, lip stick in tubes with rabbit ears, stick around the eyes in a panda, hand cream in a banana ... We crack for 100% cute packaging!

Our products darling:

  • Exfoliating effect, TonyMoly. To target and eliminate blackheads. 14,90 € the 30g exclusively at Sephora.
  • Moisturizing hand cream with bamboo extracts and honey. TONYMOLY. 8,50 € the 30g exclusively at Sephora.

The most fun: Too Cool For School

Quality, creativity, kawaii. The Too Cool For School brand combines the best of Korea. The brand mixes daring cosmetic formulas and collaborates with sharp artists. The result ? Fun products, pleasant to apply for canon results. In short, we validate!

Our products darling:

  • The Creamy Blush 'Dinoplatz Cushy Blusher' Too Cool For School 18,90 €
  • The 'Pumpkin 24k Gold Mask' fabric mask, Too Cool For School with 24K white and yellow gold and pumpkin extracts. 5,90 €
  • Coconut Milky Mist Coconut Mist, Too Cool For School. 15,95 € per 80 ml.

The expert: Dr. Jart

Founded in Korea in 2005, the Dr. Jart brand has made scientific innovation its hallmark! It exploits the work of Korean dermatologists and doctors to enable the greatest number to access innovations in beauty. But not only specialist, the brand also cares for style and design!

Our products darling:

  • The kit Bb Mate Contouring 123, Dr.Jart . 29,90 € exclusively at Sephora.
  • Water Drop Hydrating Moisturizer Moisturizer. 29,90 € per 100 ml, exclusive to Sephora.

Oh K!

Again, one can only be seduced by the packaging kawaii cosmetics. Between the masks with coconut water or black sesame, the lip balm scent of cherry blossom is roused for the natural ingredients arrived straight from Korea. They are found at Monoprix which recently put Korean cosmetics at the honor but also on feelunique.com!

Our products darling:

  • Cherry Blossom Lip Balm. Oh K! 7 €.
  • The set of 3 cloth masks with coconut water. Oh K !. 10 €

The mono product: Han Nari

Designed by a Frenchman who has stitched the beauty secrets of her mother of Korean origin, the Han Nari brand, marketed at Monoprix, has designed 4 SOS masks. Based on hyaluronic acid, aloe vera, ginseng and tea tree essential oil, the 4 masks of the brand each have their virtues: moisturizing, firming, repairing ... 'to choose !

The minimalist: Caolion

The philosophy of this Korean brand? Do not add to hide but work on elimination, causing the problem . It is one of the most committed brands in pore care since it develops a complete routine allowing women with enlarged pores to visibly reduce this problem. Deep cleansing, exfoliation of dead skin, tightening of pores, hydration and control of excess sebum ... Nothing is left to chance!

Our products darling:

  • Premium Hot & Cool Pore Pack Duo. Caolion 13,50 € (10g 15g) exclusively at Sephora. A pore care ritual in 2 steps to purify and refine the skin texture.
  • Pore ​​Purifying O2 Sparkling Soap. Caolion. 13,90 € (100g) in exclusivity with Sephora. A soap that exfoliates, removes impurities, absorbs excess sebum and helps to tighten pores.