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Kylie Jenner launches her varnish collection with SinfulColors

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Kylie Jenner signs a collaboration with SinfulColors to create two ranges of nail polish. A collection where the bright colors and the mat are in the honor!
Kylie Jenner launches her varnish collection with SinfulColors

Manicure Alert! The leading nail brand in the US, SinfulColors and reality show star Kylie Jenner, Kim Kardashian's little sister, team up and create not one but two collections of limited-edition varnishes ! After launching her own line of cosmetics "Kylie Cosmetics" where one can find many nude colors, Kylie Jenner dares this time the color. For these two collections, Velvet Mattes and Pure Sain Matte , as you will have understood, the mat dominates . No wonder when we know that Kylie Jenner is so fond of this finish that she made it the signature of her liquid lipstick .

- The Velvet Mattes collection, with a semi-matt formula, will be perfect for an evening because it brings a burst of light to our nails.

- The Pure Satin Mattes collection, in a more fashion-pop spirit has a satin matte texture for every day.

And we're lucky, Kylie Jenner even delivers her favorite colors: Taupe is Chic, Konstellation, Kurtsey and I Klove You .

Finally, the icing on the cake: all these varnishes are formulated without Toluene, Formaldehyde, Formaldehyde resin, DPB and Camphor which can be toxic to our nails, a good point for this range that completes the line King Kylie launched in February 2016.

The Pure Satin Mattes and Velvet Mattes SinfulColors collections are available until August 2016 in a selection of Monoprix, Casino and Leclerc outlets from € 2.90.