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Nude makeup: what colors to choose for my skin?

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A review of his classics before spring is always a good idea. Spotlight on the make up nude, favorites of many of us for its effect "me better". Or how to sublimate without changing.

A priori make-up to appear to have the perfect complexion, the clear look, the luscious lips just enough and the shiny nails with only the help of Mother Nature does not seem to be a wizard.

Except that, in fact, the "Nude" is a very elaborate beauty that requires to choose the texture and tones that we will use to homogenize, flatter and embellish the face in transparency.

To succeed, you have to give yourself time by remembering that the skin is the central element. We do not hide it, we highlight it.

Nude: the right tone for the right complexion

For those who have the phobia of foundation , choose a makeup base instead. There is plenty of it. They adapt to all skin types, unify the complexion and tighten skin texture. "You need one that has a light, transparent texture and a neutral hue for all. A little concealer tapped on the chin and the wing of the nose will dress the skin discreetly and no one will see anything but fire.

Oily skin can also turn to a moisturizing and mattifying BB cream . Use a transparent powder on top only in case of shine, "recommends Emilie in charge of makeup for Benefit Cosmetics.

If you choose the foundation, select it the same color or a lighter tone than your complexion because "during the day we secrete sebum which brings out the colored pigments," recalls Emilie. Test it on the line of the jaw. For Josephine, Bourjois Makeup Artist, it is generally necessary "to apply to the finger for a more natural rendering than brush and avoid thick textures more difficult to apply. The dry skin , warm a little in the palm of the hand then apply immediately on the cream. For mature skin be light on the quantity, otherwise it's ten years older on the face. "

We finish with the laying of the blush , which is the complexion that the mascara is the look: indispensable. It contrasts the complexion without the exaggeration of contouring . It is preferred in cream powder presentation for two reasons: the colors are more stable and it is easier to apply. Apricots look good on matte skin, dark-skinned copper and light-skinned rosés.

Nude makeup: what color for my eyes?

With Nude, we can test all the textures, beware anyway glitter, glitter and iridescent, and all the colors of eyeshadow. Josephine advises "the rosy and apricot tones more flattering. They are suitable for all the complexions that they warm up and for all the eyes that they enlarge. If you opt for the tasteless browns, accentuate your mouth. In all cases put a line of white pencil or flesh inside the lower eyelid. It opens, awakens and rejuvenates the gaze miraculously.

"For urban make-up, dry shadows are perfect and easy to handle. No risk of being mistaken with a brown brushed on the lashes and then a beige all over the eyelid. For a glowy solar effect, cream eye shadows are top. A point of fishing or biting at the corner of the eye that one taps to the fixed eyelid. "

One can also decide not to use makeup as Josephine who focuses on "smooth and illuminate the eyes. Either we use an eye base that is affixed 360 degrees around the eye to create a luminous halo that will hold all day. Either we put under the eyebrow a line of pinkish pencil because the white mark too much. If necessary, play with concealer to fade dark circles and mattify. "

Put on the eyelashes a base of brown mascara. Without effect of matter the result is very natural. If you are addicted to mascara, take a softer brown, but as intense as black, which goes well with nudes.

Rosés and apricots: safe for all lips

Here too, you have to choose the right textures and colors.

The gloss is suitable for thin lips even if it takes less time than a lipstick . Very clear it amplifies the mouth and pump the complexion. The more chic mat tends to shrink the smile, especially the beige. A contour of the lips allows to redraw and illuminate it.

Finding the right shade can be dangerous. Too dark we will only see your mouth, too clear it faded your makeup. Whatever your lip tones are, stick to a maximum of three tones above among bright rosés and apricots.

The fair skins pay attention to the rather ordinary Malabar rose. The variations of old roses or a caramelized beige are more suitable. A pinkish beige enhances a matte skin and a black skin chooses a transparent gloss or a chocolate satin.

Nude to the tips of your nails

Kim D'Amato, Ceo of PritiNY, the brand of vegan lacquer that accompanies Stella's parades (McCartney of course) supports the fashion of the nudes because "they lengthen the fingers and therefore the hands. This is the best way to show off with a clean and neat look. "

"Light skin often has a blue and pink base. A clear rosé varnish or with little matter is a must. The nail polish Nodding Lilac is the universal shade to take and share for a weekend between girls "

For dark skin, peaches and toffees and darker skin mokas and chocolates.

The nails are worn at the fingertips for ever more natural. To us the hashtag #Iwokeuplikethis.