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Secrets de Cassis: a cosmetic range signed by Dominique Loiseau

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Dominique Loiseau, restorer and widow of the starred restaurateur Bernard Loiseau, innovates by signing a range of natural cosmetics black currant Burgundy.

From the kitchen to the bathroom ...

The restaurateur and widow of the great chef Bernard Loiseau adds in 2016, a rope to his bow. In addition to juggling with its six establishments nestled from Paris to Burgundy, Dominique Loiseau embarks on cosmetics . And, it has decided to highlight, at the heart of its Secrets de Cassis range, a product emblematic of the Burgundy terroir: black currant. "In Burgundy, we have gingerbread, mustard and blackcurrant," says Dominique Loiseau. So it was logical that we formulate these blackcurrant-based beauty products . "But above all, the benefits of this natural active ingredient are recognized: rich in vitamin C and antioxidant , it is endowed with a real power" beautiful skin "and helps to fight against aging cells .

On the menu, three products with natural composition: a moisturizing cream with a velvety texture (42 € the jar of 30 ml), a scrub fondant with blackcurrant seeds (38 € per 100 ml) and an anti-drying body milk (29 € per 250 ml bottle).

How is the Secret Cassis range formulated?

To realize this range of cosmetics in blackcurrant , Dominique Loiseau has followed suit to one of her friends who also manufactures in Brittany, her own range of cosmetics, with apple . "In our establishment, we serve local blackcurrant juice at breakfast," she explains. In partnership with the local producers (note: the company Baillard), I recover what remains after pressing, seeds and skin of blackcurrant, to formulate my cosmetics. Everything is then repatriated to Brittany, where the products of the range are directly made.

Where to find the cosmetics line Secrets de Cassis?

Elaborated above all for the Relais Bernard Loiseau Spa (currently under renovation to leave a gigantic Spa of three levels at the beginning of 2017), the products of the Secrets de Cassis range are used by practitioners for the care of the body and of the face . They are also available for direct sale in the establishment and available on the website of the shop Loiseau .