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#soapbrows, or how the soap serves as an eyebrow fixing gel

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The trend is mounting on Instagram: you can use soap to fix your eyebrows and get a perfect line. Explanations.

For several years years, the thick eyebrows have the odds (thank you Cara Delevingne). But no question of leaving them in brush with elements that go beyond. The watchword for a perfect line of eyebrows is, on the contrary: tidy, well brushed, and not sparse. If necessary, the pencil is retouched or the experts of the eyebrows are called upon. So, in theory, when you put on make-up, after brushing and then unified with a pencil, you finish the beauty of the eyebrow by the application of an eyebrow fixer. Flute, there's no more? It is here that Instagram saves us the ...

#soapbrows the recipe beauty home archi-simple

After the rinse of hair with coca-cola on youtube (one remains doubtful), voila the hashtag #soapbrows. In French: soap-eyebrow. Everything is in the hashtag: it is a question of using soap to fix his eyebrows and to avoid that they leave in all the senses.

Why is this a credible homemade beauty solution? Because the soap dries and, in fact, keeps well in place. Reverse of the medal: it is also possible to dry the skin that is underneath. Not top. Also it is rather a supplemental solution and one thinks to hydrate the zone after make-up removal.

The tutorial to use soap in place of an eyebrow fixer

First, a translucent soap is used rather than a white soap. History to avoid white patches on the eyebrows.

Next, find an eyebrow brush. An old brush of eyebrow fixer or a brush of old mascara do the trick. Be careful to remove any make-up from the brush beforehand: it is left to soak in a make-up remover for the eyes, one passes with hot water and soap. Allow to dry.

When needed, the brush is passed over the soap and applied in the direction of hair growth. Be careful, the soapbrows can not resist long if you rub your eyes and eyebrows ....