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SOS: My blonde hair is turning green

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B Blonde natural or colored I often face the problem of greenish reflections after swimming in the pool one day.How to get rid of them? I will tell you.

We took advantage of the beautiful days by taking a swim in the pool. The problem ? Green reflections appear on our blond hair ... and the hair almost simultaneously loses its glamorous side. This is all you need to know to limit and repair the damage.

Why did blonde hair turn green?

As we know, the pool, but also the sea water are harmful to the hair fiber. And when you forget to prepare your hair before the pool, you sometimes pay the high price! Chlorine damages the hair fiber by drying it . And if one is blonde, one suffers even more the consequences of a bath in chlorinated waters since sometimes it happens that green reflections appear on our lengths. The reason for this undesirable coloring? The chemical agents present in the water, of course! Blond hair, devoid of pigments naturally or discolored with chemicals is weakened. As a result, they absorb more of the copper sulphate and the chlorine present in the water. And that's how the pretty blondes turn green unattractive.

How to eliminate green reflections?

If the hair is rarely green, it is good to know that this scourge affects those who have blond hair more than those who are naturally blond or have a uniform color. Fortunately, there are solutions. The simplest is to entrust her hair to the expert hands of hairdressers who will restore all its beauty to our blond. But if green is not too much inlaid, one can also opt for home solutions. Here are some of them:

  • the lemon juice is a natural ingredient that will allow to disgorge a little green. But as citrus fruits dry out the hair fiber at the same time care is taken to nourish deeply with moisturizing treatments.
  • the effervescent aspirin diluted in a little hot water can be applied to the affected areas. Allow to stand for a few minutes before rinsing. This mixture will allow to disgorge the green reflections.
  • the tomato juice , used as a shampoo, is also a true ally to attenuate the green reflections on the blonde hair.
  • sparkling water and associated vinegar are also a good alternative to get rid of unwanted nuances!