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Best Keratin Products to Repair Damaged Hair

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When hair becomes very brittle, keratin has proven to be a shock ally to strengthen it.Stéphane Weyl, training manager Fabio Salsa, says it to guide us in choosing the right product.

Natural protein, keratin is produced by the human body to build the integuments (hair, nails, hair ...). But repeated attacks, the hair straightener, the hairdryer, the pollution, reduce the natural resources to keratin. As a result, the hair contains fewer and fewer hair and is more prone to aggression.

"Keratin reinforces the intercellular cement to join the scales of the hair," explains Stéphane Weyl, head of training Fabio Salsa. When the hair runs out of keratin, it is more sensitive. Fortunately, there are care protocols, in salons, and products enriched in keratin to repair her damaged hair at home.

Keratin, a care to adopt in cure

Used as a cure, keratin reinforces the hair by depositing a kind of protective film on the fiber, to protect it from external aggressions. It also reconstitutes the structure of the hair, in depth. Keratin also helps to smooth and discipline frizzy hair, for example.

However, Stéphane Weyl warns against an automatic and excessive use of keratin: "As for vitamins or dietary supplements, keratin treatments are done by episode, so as not to overburden the hair." To be sure, it is best to contact a hair professional to determine if there really is a need for keratin treatment and if so, how often.

Be careful not to overload the hair in care with keratin

The longer your hair is, the closer the treatments will be. Also, Stéphane Weyl explains that it is possible, for very damaged hair, to resort, almost daily to specific shampoos.

The right combination to not over-sensitize your hair? Alternate shampoo with keratin and gentle shampoo and, always, spacing to the maximum the shampoos. Stéphane Weyl recalls that "too much is the enemy of good" and that the hair needs to breathe between two treatments.

Mask, shampoo, care ... What product to choose keratin?

In shampoo, conditioner, rinse or rinse care, serum, mask, keratin is now found in many formulations of care products for fragile hair .

Those who need to repair thoroughly will opt for complete ranges, masks, shampoo and serum or day care, those who want to repair gently will be satisfied with a day care, those who wish to maintain a cure, will opt for a shampoo . To each its product. To help you choose the one that will restore strength and structure to your hair, discover in our slide show a selection of the best hair products enriched in keratin .