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30's hair style The

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cut ends up a bit blurry. By the time we're 30, we're getting our hair done to show off. Discover an inspiring selection in our photo slideshow to find the perfect hairstyle for you!

They are now far high school years where you could wear everything. We also forget the artistic vagueness of the twenties and the bold cuts that could be dared without fear before! At 30, we want a glamorous but sober hairstyle to enhance our face and fully assume our femininity. Small selection.

What hairstyle at 30?

As at any age, we first put on a setting that highlights the shape of our face . Square face ? Oval? Rather triangular or diamond-shaped? We have gathered a maximum of trick to find the best hairstyle according to the shape of his face . Then, we choose the right cut according to its age. Once thirty years, the hairstyle must bet on sobriety . We put on women's hairstyles and easy to live while remaining in tune with the times.

  • Option long hair: we favor the structured cuts on square bases, more or less long ... according to his tastes!
  • Short hair option: we adopt a glamorous style with a disheveled headdress highlighted by a light sweep or a nice tie and dye .

I want volume and structure

30 years is also the age when some hair problems appear. Because we have not paid attention before or because new symptoms appear, this is the perfect time to finally find the hair care that corresponds to us. In lack of volume? We put on specific care and a cut that will give a boost to hair raplapla ! Sensitive scalp? We forget the colorations and we favor easy maintenance cuts that do not require a daily blow-dry. The beauty of our hair is at its peak: we enjoy the natural side and we pamper the hair fiber using a conditioner after shampoo and a hair mask, about 1 time per month !

Hairdressing selection: Gina Tarlayan