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Then and Now: The 'Twilight' cast is really aging!

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Twilight may look like it came out yesterday, but it's actually been almost a decade since the first movie. Also, the characters in Twilight are mostly vampires and werewolves, so they don't really age, but the actors who played them, albeit of the Hollywood kind, are only human, so they don't perform

It might seem like Twilight came out just yesterday, but it’s actually been almost 10 years since the first movie. Some fans might be shocked that so much time has passed, others have felt every single day drag on since the end of the saga. And while the characters of Twilight don’t really age because they’re mostly vampires or werewolves, the actors who played them are mere humans, albeit the Hollywood kind, so they do age. We thought it would be interesting to take a look at the cast of Twilight then and now and see how they changed.



1. Edward Cullen – Robert Pattinson
First thing that comes to mind is that Robert Pattinson really has embraced that vampire paleness in real life, but then you remember that he’s British. You can see he aged, but what happened with his sense of style? Is he going for a vampire pimp look now?



2. Jacob Black – Taylor Lautner
Remember how ripped Jacob looked in the movie? And how in every interview afterwards everyone praised his physique in the best case scenario or openly asked him to take his shirt off in the worst. Well, not anymore. I guess ageing for Taylor Lautner meant letting himself go a little, so no more abs for him.



3. Bella Swan – Kristen Stewart
Kristen changed up her look so many times since the end of the Twilight saga it’s hard to count. But her current short blond buzzcut is probably as far away from Bella’s look as you can get. Do you think she did that on purpose or for some other role or maybe for the endorsement she’s doing for Chanel’s ‘Gabrille’ perfume?

4. Alice – Ashley Greene
We always thought Alice looked cute as hell. But she went from cute pixie girl to “damn, girl, you’re hot”. It’s hard to even care about the fact that so many years passed and she’s older now. In fact, if we all could age that well, we’d be pretty pleased.



5. Jasper – Jackson Rathbone
This guy somehow went from a hot weirdo to sporting some sort of a weird douchebag look. Why, Jasper, I mean, Jackson? Why would you do that? That hair, that awful jewelry, all of this is just not working for him.

6.Dr. Carlisle Cullen – Peter Facinelli
Peter Facinelli, who played Carlisle looked so charming in the movie, but look at him now. How did he go from supermodel doctor to frat boy dad? Then again, a lot of years passed, we’re sure this transformation wasn’t overnight.



7. Esme Cullen – Elizabeth Reaser
While Esme, the character, as a vampire wouldn’t age at all, Elizabeth aged quite gracefully, don’t you think? We’re pretty sure that if you put the same amount of makeup on her now and color her hair she’d look almost the same as she did in 2008.



8. Rosalie – Nikki Reed
When looking at a current picture of Nikki Reed we can’t help but think “how much makeup did they have to put on her while filming Twilight to make her look that white?”. Must’ve taken ages in the makeup chair.

9. Emmett Cullen- Kellan Lutz
These pictures just prove that Kellan Lutz was given the most tragic haircut ever in order to play Emmett. And we still don’t know why. I mean, weren’t all the Cullens meant to look super hot? Cause he just looked like a super buff nerd back then.



10. Charlie Swan – Billy Burke
When looking at these pictures of Billy Burke, let’s keep in mind that he wasn’t really supposed to look great in the movie. He was supposed to look like a run down old dad. So they probably aged him a little. Which is kind of funny, cause it seems quite accurate to how he aged in real life, minus the ridiculous mustache.

11. Billy Black – Gil Birmingham
To be honest, Gil Birmingham hasn’t really aged that much. Or maybe it’s the effect of a good haircut.



12. James – Cam Gigandet
Remember James, the baddie from Twilight? Well, he doesn’t look nearly as cool in real life. You can’t really beat that jacket without a shirt look. Also, isn’t it strange that most guys can’t really pull off a ponytail look, but he looked way hotter with one than he does now, with short hair?



13. Laurent – Edi Gathegi
Same goes for Edi Gathegi. He looked so freaking cool in the Twilight movies, but look at him now. He doesn’t really look bad, he hasn’t aged that much, but that haircut just makes him look a bit dorky.

14. Jessica – Anna Kendrick
It’s hard to believe these two photos are of the same person. Look at what a transformation Anna Kendrick went through. At this point most people don’t even remember she was in Twilight at some point. She’s beyond it.



15. Mike Newton – Michael Welch
Not to be mean or anything, but honestly, Michael Welch looked like a dork back then and still looks like a dork now. Yeah, a more grown up, more polished version of himself, but still, he looks a bit dorky, don’t you think? Which isn’t necessarily a bad thing, some people are into that.