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Unlikely BFFs: Celebs who are closer than you think

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Let's take a look at celebs who are closer than you think

A lot of people think that all celebs know each other and hang out together all the time, which isn’t necessarily true. Lots of celebs have normal friends who aren’t even famous, some even manage to maintain childhood friendships. Keeping friendships with non-famous people keeps them grounded and humble. But of course, while they might not be thick as thieves with all of Hollywood, they do usually have a couple of celeb friends who understand the struggle of being hounded by paparazzi and the challenges that come with being famous. What’s surprising is that sometimes the celeb friends they become the closest with are not the ones you’d assume they’d have anything in common with. You know what they say, opposites attract. So let’s take a look at celebs who are closer than you think.



1. Snoop Dogg and Martha Stewart
If you were asked to name Snoop Dog’s friends, never in a million years would you include Martha Stewart in that list, right? She’s the queen of classy dinner parties and the maker of the most elegant dishes, while Snoop is more about satisfying the munchies after getting high. Well, however unlikely it might seem, they actually get along very well. It all started when Snoop Dog was invited onto Martha’s show. They got along so well in fact that their friendship actually blossomed into the great show that is Martha & Snoop’s Potluck Dinner Party. Be honest, you’re already Googling it.




2. Jay Z and Gwyneth Paltrow
Just saying their names in the same breath sounds weird and unnatural. One is a rap king and the other is a glamorous actress who’s really into yoga and healthy eating. What could they possibly talk about? But turns out they’ve met more than a decade ago and have been friends ever since. It’s weird, but hey, Hollywood is a weird place.


3. 50 Cent and Bette Midler
These two couldn’t possible be less alike. It’s almost like they live in completely different worlds. But surprisingly they’ve been friends for years now. Was it their involvement in a community garden restoration that brought them together? We’ll never know. But they’ve joked about collaborating on a project for a long time now and we really hope it happens some time. It would definitely be a very amusing thing to witness.



4. Courtney Cox and Ed Sheeran
It’s not everyday you hear that a young British singer and the star of FRIENDS are best friends. Especially these two. After all, Ed was just 14 when FRIENDS ended. He probably didn’t even watch FRIENDS when they were on TV for the first time. And sure, Courtney has starred in Cougar Town, but we never thought she would be like that in real life. We’re kidding, it’s not like that. While Courtney might be almost twice Ed’s age, they’re just really good friends. Ed even got to stay in her house for like three months when he was recording his album. Lucky guy! And since he’s friends with Courtney, he’s obviously friends with Jennifer Aniston too.


5. Rihanna and Jim Parsons
Don’t you think this is the most unlikely friendship of all? Rihanna, with her IDGAF attitude and confidence for days, and Jim with his quirkiness and reserved behavior. Who would’ve thought these two would have anything in common. But turns out that while working on the animated movie Home they found out that they both have a geeky side to them and have been friends ever since.



6. Jennifer Lawrence and Adele
The thing that makes this friendship surprising is that Adele and Jennifer sort of come from different worlds. One is a British singer, the other an American actress. But you can totally see how they have similar characters right? Thank God for Hollywood bringing these two lovely lasses together. They’re both hilarious and have a great sense of humor. Can you imagine how much fun they have when hanging out together. Makes you wish you could join in on the fun, doesn’t it?


7. Ashton Kutcher and Princess Beatrice
Are you even surprised? It really seems like Ashton can become friends with anyone. While we mostly think of him as a Hollywood heartthrob, he’s much more than that now. His interest in the tech industry has made him a very interesting person, who, as it turns out is friends with actual royalty. He met Princess Beatrice through her husband and has since introduced them to his wife Mila Kunis. The two couples became so close they even went on vacation together. That’s real friendship right there.

8. Drew Barrymore and Courtney Love
Drew might be all serene and hippy-like these days but we all remember the crazy party stage she went through in her youth. Perhaps that’s exactly what she and Courtney found in common, because these two ladies are definite BFFs. The craziest part of their friendship is how it all started. Apparently they met in a public bathroom when Courtney Love was only 19 and Drew was just a little 8 year old kid. How did they end up becoming friends at that time? We don’t know, but it’s a pretty awesome friendship.



9. Robert Pattinson and Vince Vaughn
To be honest, it’s hard to figure out which one of these guys is weirder, but perhaps it’s their weirdness that brought them together. Then again, it’s hard to imagine Robert being friends with anyone really. He’s just so strange and so reserved, and, to be frank, so British, while Vince is so typically American. We have no idea what they talk about when they hang out, but they do hang out in fact. It’s been well documented by paparazzi. Apparently Vince even helped Robert deal with heartbreak when his relationship with Kristen Stewart ended.


10.Helen Mirren and Russell Brand
This unlikely friendship is another example that a 30 year age difference doesn’t necessarily mean you won’t have similar interests. These two met when working on The Tempest and immediately forged a friendship. They later worked together on Arthur which only solidified their friendship. They might not look like it but turns out these two are actually kindred spirits and they have a great deal to talk about. Russell Brand even said this about Helen in one of his interviews “it’s an unconsummated love affair. An erotic, intellectual tangle of emotions between a Dame and a vagabond. She is an incredible personality, very beautiful; ordinary when she needs to be, remarkable when required. I really love her and I respect her tremendously.”