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10 Movies Every Fashionista Should See

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It's fun to watch runway videos and attend fashion events, but it's fun to do with other style lovers and fashion movies showcasing outfits from different generations. There's nothing better than running a marathon. After all, fashion wouldn't be complete without a movie story! Watching

While watching runway videos and attending fashion events is fun, there’s nothing quite like a good fashion movie marathon to binge with your fellow style aficionados and bond over outfits that slay, spanning a range of generations. Fashion is nothing without it’s history in cinema, after all!



1. Devil Wears Prada
How could this not be the first film on our list? In it, Anne Hathaway plays a confused newcomer to the fashion industry, working under the she-dragon that is Meryl Streep (thought to be playing Anna Wintour). A cautionary but hilarious tale for those with a happy go-lucky attitude towards fashion.



2. The September issue
The September issue takes us behind the scenes of the September 2007 American Vogue issue 1, featuring the polarizing Anna Wintour and the chaotic, bustling preparations leading up to the famous fall issue.

3. Bill Cunningham New York
The late Cunningham was one of the world’s most famous street style photographers, who worked for the New York Times and actually pioneers street style as a concept. After all, Anna Wintour herself once said “we all get dressed for bill.”



4. Great Gatsby
Maybe this isn’t one of the most historically groundbreaking films on our list. However, it featured dazzling and on point Art Deco looks from the1920s with a contemporary twist that is hard not to fall in love with. Same goes for the Miuccia Prada collaboration.

5. Unzipped
Unzipped is the making of NYC designer Isaac Mizrahi’s fashion show and how he deals with all the crazy things coming his way. It serves 90s supermodel realness in all of its realness, plus the hilarious Mizrahi quoting old movies and citing his bizarre inspiration.



6. Blow Up
Everyone who has a hankering for fun on 1960s fashion will go head over heels for this movie. It follows a fashion photographer who tries to solve a murder mystery after finding mysterious photos of a vixen in a park.

7. Annie Hall
This Woody Allen movie about a NYC comedian and our beloved Annie Hall isn’t just a symbol of female empowerment – it’s one of the first movies for a woman to rock menswear! Hello, androgyny.

8. Clueless
This funny flick (RIP Brittany Murphy) about rich high schooler, this coming of age film featured so many iconic looks which have been recreated time and time again. That awesome dress by Calvin Klein was everything…



9. Coco Before Chanel
This stylish biopic is about Miss Coco Chanel’s beginnings before fashion.

10. A Single Man
This isn’t about any fashion icons per-say but more about a professor who find it hard to cope after his life partner died. It was directed by Tom Ford, so every outfit is a masterpiece and each scene is filled with all-chic-everything.