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12 Winter Wardrobe Essentials Every fashionista should have a

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Winter is the time to pack up and stay warm. However, many women struggle to stay warm and look stylish. Then again, leaving the house with a blanket doesn't seem to be a problem at all this year. It seems like a trend, but

Winter is the time to bundle up and feel warm. Yet a lot of women struggle to stay warm yet still look stylish and not just as a cocoon of blankets. Then again, it seems like this year looking like you left the house wearing a blanket isn’t exactly out of the question, it seems to be a trend, but more on that later. Right now let’s take a look at some winter wardrobe essentials every fashionista must have.



1. Oversized Coat
No winter look is complete without a massive coat this year. Definitely go for long oversized coats. First of all they’re way cozier than form fitting ones, and you can fit a chunky sweater underneath to keep yourself warm.



2. French Beret
Say goodbye to wide brimmed fedoras, it’s beret season now. This French accessory is taking over the world and every fashionista must have at least one of these. Or a couple, in different colors, to fit every outfit.

3. Fiddler Cap
If French berets don’t suit you, try a fiddler cap. They’re also incredibly popular right now and are guaranteed to add a special something to any outfit.



4. Silk Scarf
It does seem like we’re going back in time, all these vintage elements are coming back into fashion these days. Silk scarves and bandanas wrapped around the neck have almost replaced a chunky scarf. And if you’re wondering if it’ll keep you as warm – give it a try. You’ll be surprised.

5. Chunky Sweater
You probably already know that red sweaters are a hit this season, but so are all sorts of massive chunky ones. The more attention they draw to themselves and the more outrageous they look – the better.



6. Folk and Floral
Folk motives and floral designs have been all over the runways for this season, so getting a funky folk inspired or floral sweater is a must. It’ll definitely cheer you up on a snowy winter day.

7. Shearling Coat
Shearling coats are a lifesaver for those who love the look of a leather jacket but don’t want to be freeze outside. They still look edgy and they keep you warm on the coldest of days.



8. Statement Shoes
This winter is all about statement shoes. Go for glitter if you can or for velvet if you prefer something a bit classier. But funky boots are definitely in this year.

9. Combat Boots
It seems like combat boots will never go out of fashion. They just keep evolving. Try heeled lace up combat boots or flat ones with statement buckles for an edgy look.



10. Turtlenecks
Remember how you used to think turtlenecks were lame and for nerds? Well look at this, now they’re in style and trendier than ever. Not having one is lame now, so you better go get yourself a couple of them.

11. High Waisted Jeans
High waisted jeans aren’t just better and comfier than any other pair of jeans, but they also do miracles to oversized tops. Just tuck them in at the front and voila – you look chic. But do get a nice belt to go along with them.



12. Suits
Women have been wearing suits on and off for ages, but it seems like right now suits are at the peak of popularity amongst women. And we see why, women just look way cooler in suits than men.