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13 Celebs Who Talked Openly About Mental Health

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Many people struggle with mental health issues. These days, some celebrities are doing the right thing, talking about mental health, and opening up about their struggles and how they deal with

Mental health is not a topic that’s easy to discuss, but we feel it’s important to talk about it. Lots of people suffer from mental health problems, way more than you actually think, yet the topic is considered to be taboo by many. So as a result we get a lot of people who suffer from mental health problems like anxiety, panic attacks, depression, etc., feeling too embarrassed to speak up or seek help. These days, we finally see some celebrities doing the right thing and speaking up about their mental health,opening up about their problems and how they deal with them. While we understand it’s not easy, it’s definitely a step in the right direction. The more people talk about, the less stigma there is about mental health. Let’s take a look at some of the celebs that spoke up about their mental health, anxiety and depression.



1. Beyonce
Beyonce is actually great when it comes to talking about the importance of self care in relation to mental health. She talked about how she was depressed after Destiny’s Child broke up, and more recently in 2011 she talked about why she took a year off for herself, because she felt like just needed to take care of her mental health.



2. Adele
Adele also said that she occasionally slips into and out of depression. But the worst thing for her was the postpartum depression. She felt awful, but wouldn’t talk to anyone about it. And later on she found out many of her friends dealt with similar problems and were also reluctant to talk about it or ask for help because they thought it’s embarrassing.



3. Emma Stone
The star of La-La Land is no stranger to panic attacks. It started early for her, when she was at her friend’s house, and escalated to the point where she thought the house was going to burn down. She had to call her mom to come get her and for the next three years it just wouldn’t stop. She had to constantly be reassured by her mother about how the day was going to be and how everything was going to be ok.

4. Miley Cyrus
Miley seems like the happiest girl on earth, but she also had her run-ins with depression. She said it was never about how other people made her feel, but more about just how she felt. She would lock herself in her room and wouldn’t leave. She says her father would have to break down the door to get to her. Now she feels like it’s her duty to share everything, the good and the bad with the world, just in case it helps someone or urges them to get help.



5.Cara Delevingne
The famous model hasn’t been open about this before but in 2015 she finally spoke up about her mental health. She says it felt very sudden, like she was hit with a wave of depression and anxiety. She felt so down and yet so guilty about feeling this way because she knows she’s very lucky and it doesn’t make sense to feel this bad when you’ve got so much going for you.

6. Dakota Johnson
50 Shades of Grey star suffers from terrible anxiety. She says she’s anxious all the time, but it gets especially bad at auditions. She gets full on anxiety attacks and half the time she can’t control what she’s thinking or doing. Can you imagine how stressful her audition for 50 Shade of Grey must’ve been?



7. Lady Gaga
The hugely successful Lady Gaga says she can’t even remember anything from the time when her career took off. It’s like she’s traumatized. She’s very open about struggling with anxiety and depression and believes it’s the right thing to do. She says it’s better when you just fess up about it instead of keeping it secret.

8. Zayn Malik
Zayn, the former One Direction singer, is also battling with anxiety. He says the most upsetting thing about it is that it doesn’t make any sense whatsoever. He loves his job, he loves performing, there’s nothing else in the world he would rather be doing, but anxiety doesn’t listen. It just creeps up on you and blocks all rational thought.



9.Selena Gomez
Selena recently got diagnosed with lupus and since then she found out that some of the side-effects of this disease include anxiety, panic attacks and depression. Since then she decided that her health was her first priority and took some time off to take care of herself.

10.Prince Harry
Prince Harry says that he spent most of his life saying he’s fine, but really he wasn’t. Losing his mother, Princess Diana, at the age of 12 definitely had a serious effect of his mental health. He completely shut down all his emotions and it felt like nothing was affecting him. Thankfully his brother, Prince William has been at his side the whole time, supporting him and urging him to get help.



11. Kristen Bell
Kristen has been battling anxiety and depression from a young age and she’s very open about it. Thankfully she has a very supportive mother, who at the age of 18 told Kristen than when you start feeling like there’s no sunshine around you, you should talk to a doctor and get things sorted. She’s been on antidepressants from a young age and still takes meds today. She says she feels no shame in saying that and it’s weird that when you’re diabetic – no one will deny you your meds, but when you have a chemical imbalance in your brain – suddenly you’re crazy and getting meds is frowned upon.

12. Kristen Stewart
The star of the Twilight Saga says her anxiety was at its worst between the ages of 15 and 20. She would constantly feel anxious and if she didn’t know how something would turn out she would feel ill, or lock herself. She constantly needed to know exactly what was going to happen and how things were gonna turn out. She’s much better at dealing with her anxiety now, and she feels like she’s come out the other end stronger.



13. Lena Dunham
Lena has been very open about her anxiety both in her real life and on her show “Girls”. She says people have this weird idea of mental illness and the way it presents itself. She’s not the kind of anxious that runs a lot and makes hundreds of calls. She’s the kind of anxious person who, on a bad day, wears sweatpants all day, eats junk food and calls their friends and says “sorry, I can’t come tonight, or tomorrow night, and probably the next 67 nights”.