12 Incredible Uses and Health Benefits of Activated Charcoal Powder: The Great Purifier

12 Incredible Uses and Benefits of Activated Charcoal Powder

If you discovered a product with healing powers that not only detoxified the blood and body and restored energy to the muscles and mind, but also provided anti-aging benefits such as fighting wrinkles, combatting cancerous growth in cells, and maintaining memory and cognitive functioning, would you be intrigued?

Join the millions of people around the world who have become interested in the benefits that activated charcoal can have on overall health and the quality of daily life. This one unique ingredient has been developed into one hundred consumable and topical formulations that can help resolve health and beauty issues ranging from the reduction of high blood pressure and unhealthy cholesterol levels to the minimization of acne and wrinkles.

What Is Activated Charcoal?

Activated charcoal, sometimes referred to as “activated carbon,” is a form of carbon that has been specifically processed to have small pores. These pores help increase its absorption of elements and its ability to engage in chemical reactions. Because it is manufactured for specific functions related to absorbing, expelling, or reacting to elements, it is sometimes referred to as “active” charcoal.

Manufacturers create charcoal powder from peat, coal, wood, petroleum, or coconut shells. Heating common charcoal with gases causes it to develop tiny internal spaces (its pores), giving it an astoundingly high degree of “microporosity.” Even one gram of activated charcoal has an estimated surface area of 32,000 square feet! This activation process can be performed using either physical or chemical means, but both methods produce the same quality product.

The activated charcoal you find in stores and through distributors is derived from a variety of sources, but it’s all created with the intent of ridding pollutants, contaminants, or chemicals from an environment. It can be used for a multitude of things, including removing air or water pollutants, making wine, purifying distilled alcohol, removing volatile organic compounds (VOCs) from products, and even cleansing the body of harmful elements. While it has historically been used for medicinal or environmental cleansing purposes, it is now being included in a variety of beauty, health, and home uses that can all contribute to the improvement of your overall health and the quality of your daily life.

The Top 12 Benefits of Activated Charcoal

1. Reduces Indigestion

The addition of activated charcoal has increased the success rate of curing indigestion immensely. Consuming a simple teaspoon of it dissolved in 1 cup of water or taking activated charcoal capsules can calm the enzymatic activities and chemical reactions that contribute to the development of indigestion. The powder can be used simply and easily, helping to alleviate and ultimately resolve indigestion completely without any side effects or chronic condition aggravation.

2. Helps Prevent Hangovers

With its ability to absorb toxins and chemicals that contribute to interferences with normal system functions throughout the brain and body, activated charcoal is able to help restore a natural balance following a night of excessive alcohol consumption. Used in hospitals and clinics around the world as the most common treatment for alcohol poisoning, a simple teaspoon serving of charcoal powder dissolved in 1 cup of water can help reverse the damage done the night before and minimize the physical and mental upsets of the dreaded hangover.

3. Provides Digestive Cleansing

One approach to digestive cleansing is the use of activated charcoal for detoxification and restoration of natural balance in enzymes, vitamins, minerals, and other organic compounds that are utilized by the body regularly. A good dosage is 1 teaspoon of powder dissolved into 1 cup of water, along with a diet rich in fibrous fruits (like apples) and cruciferous vegetables (like broccoli), and an adequate intake of water, the digestive cleansing process can be performed naturally, without concern for harmful side effects and complications.

4. Detoxifies Your System

One of activated charcoal’s benefits is that it has the ability to block the absorption of harmful and hazardous compounds into the body while simultaneously absorbing and ridding the body of dangerous elements that were already present. With 1 teaspoon of powder dissolved in 1 cup of water, you can detoxify the brain and body, resulting in more energy, improved cognitive functioning, increased immunity, and reduced incidences of illness and disease.

5. Cleanses Blood

Activated charcoal has a number of beneficial absorbent qualities that allow it to travel through the bloodstream, body, and brain, absorbing toxins, chemicals, and compounds that can put blood health at risk. Due to its ability to combat the infiltration of bacterial, viral, and fungal infections, it can be used as a preventative and curative measure safely and naturally.

6. Alleviates Allergies

Activated charcoal can be used as a purging agent, traveling safely through the bloodstream, digestive system, and body to attract and trap the impurities, toxins, and volatile organic compounds that contribute to allergic reactions. When these allergens are removed from the body’s systems, the natural stability of metabolic, hormonal, and cardiovascular system functions is restored, helping resolve respiratory, cognitive, and digestive issues.

A simple teaspoon of activated charcoal consumed in a solution of 1 cup of water can alleviate allergy symptoms within thirty to sixty minutes and help block allergens for twenty-four hours. Because the product is all-natural, it has no harmful side effects, additives, or preservatives that can complicate existing conditions.

7. Naturally Relieves Pain

Purging the body of inflammatory compounds that can contribute to pain and discomfort in bones, muscles, tissues, and joints, charcoal powder benefits you by attracting, absorbing, and transporting pain-causing elements out of the body. Providing the same cleansing benefits to the bloodstream, brain, and digestive system, activated charcoal detoxifies and removes chemicals, unnatural compounds, and organic elements that interfere with the body’s natural processes, thereby improving immunity, support system functioning, and healthy hormone production, all of which help minimize infection, inflammation, and illness that can contribute to pain.

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